Welcome to TMA’s Crowd-Funding Program

Our goal is two-fold:

  1. To provide our clients – artists, bands, speakers, etc. – with a means for their fans, friends, and families to partner with them in support of their ministries and benevolent projects; and
  2. To provide fans, friends, and families of our clients with a safe, secure and reliable means to offer their financial support on an ongoing basis.

Our clients are Christian artists, bands, speakers, preachers, dancers … all with a common goal of making a difference in the world. Their supporters, i.e., partners, join with them to accomplish this goal by providing one-time or monthly financial support. Their projects might include recording a CD or EP; developing promotional and marketing materials (photo shoot, websites, etc); radio play of their music; copyrighting of music; video production; and distribution, both online and in stores of their recordings.

Thank-you for joining our clients in their quest to make a difference in the world through their music and ministry!

Why Choose TMA Crowd-Funding?

Powerful Crowdfunding

Crowdfund, Pre-Sell or Raise Money For Your Next Project.

Pledge What You Want

Enable custom donation amounts instead or use the traditional level format.

Immediate Funding

Funds are transferred to you immediately or after your goal is reached. The choice is yours.

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