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Until you have seen someone lying in a wheelchair, curled up in almost a fetal position, slowly start to move to the beat of the music, to react to your voice as you sing, to come to life. Until you see, people begin to sing along as they remember an old gospel song from long ago or a rock-n-roll song that they listened to with friends when they were a teenager. It is incredible to see someone praise God as you minister to them.

You have no idea how gratifying it is. How chocked up you get, to the point that you can hardly talk, let alone sing the next song. However, it happens every time we go to a nursing home, assisted living facilities, or a rehab center. We go to ministry to these people to give them some hope from the Word of God and some joy from the music and guess what? We end up receiving much more than we give.

Going Forward

Last year we spent approximately $4,000 in traveling expenses. In addition, a little over $11,000 was invested to cover multi-media development, onetime management fees, purchase of music tracks, replacement of equipment, etc. 

I currently have a professional management team with over thirty years of experience in the Gospel Music field. TMA manages individuals from two or three foreign countries. In addition to managing other Christian artists and bands, TMA provides marketing for The Troy Burns Family. Troy Burns sang with “The Inspirations” for thirty years. He was recently inducted into the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame. 

I feel led to continue this ministry and expand it. While still going to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the like, we plan to expand into church concerts this year. We are currently working with a producer and will soon schedule studio time for our first recording. After the record release, we would like to plan a short tour through the southeast.

All of these goals take money. My fundraising goal for 2018/19 is $25,000 for operating costs (traveling expenses, music, studio time, etc.). I am asking you to consider investing in this ministry and the work of our Lord Jesus Christ as we take the message to those who are most in need. Please pray about this and giving as the Lord leads you.

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Starting with the $500 level we have some beautiful artwork you can own.


Thanks for your interest in supporting Brent Klinedinst.

How is my donation processed?

All donations are securely processed through The Management Agency's PDP PayPal account. This is a separate, dedicated PayPal account different from TMA's operating PayPal account.

Are any fees assessed for my donation?

TMA does not assess any fees to collect donations on behalf of our clients. PayPal charges processing fees, which are deducted from the net amount the artist receives. That is the amount forwarded to the artist from TMA.

Can I make recurring or monthly payments?

PayPal offers this option to you.

Are my donations tax deductible?

The Management Agency is not a 501c3 organization. Therefore, your donations are not tax deductible at this time. You may request a receipt from TMA for your donation. However, donations are not reported to the IRS.

How can I contact TMA?

Please contact TMA for any questions about PDP/Crowd-Funding here.

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