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It’s something that – as an artist – it seems you say every time you head back into the studio, but we are truly excited about this batch of new songs. Not only has the whole family contributed to the writing, but we’ve also had the amazing opportunity to cowrite with some very gifted songwriters. In addition to recording our own songs, we’ve decided to do our first cover song. Last year, during our concerts we added the Cats In The Cradle to our set. The response was amazing. This has always been a powerful song, but we have heard many times following our concerts how moving the song is when it’s sung by a father and son.

June 18, 2018

Michael Farren (producer) and Tom discuss tracking vocals.

For us, this has always been a walk of faith. And each time we have recorded we have seen God work in new and amazing ways, both by opening doors for us to be able to work with new people who stretch us in different ways as writers, artists, and ministers of His gospel, and also in the expansion of our ministry.

This time we have the incredible opportunity to work with 2017 Grammy Nominated songwriter/producer Michael Farren the writer of many incredible worship and CCM songs including Lauren Daigle's "Dry Bones." And the best part - Michael and his team of Dustin Smith and Chris Clayton are not just songwriters and producers, but worship leaders, so they understand not just our art, but our heart. We are truly excited and humbled at this opportunity.

About the Producer:

Michael Farren is a Dove Award winning and Grammy nominated songwriter, worship leader and producer. A former founding member of the band Pocket Full of Rocks, Michael’s songs include the worship anthems “Let It Rain,” which was recorded by Michael W. Smith, and “Let The Worshipers Arise,” which was recorded by Phillips Craig & Dean. He is also the writer of the No. 1 radio single “Trust in You” as recorded by Lauren Daigle and “Say Amen” as recorded by Finding Favour.

We are excited that Michael co-wrote the title track for Reba McEntire's latest album Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope which won the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album. We are in good company!

Michael’s songs have been recorded by Natalie Grant, Aaron Shust, Unspoken, Hawk Nelson, Karen Peck & New River, The Blind Boys Of Alabama, and Big Daddy Weave among others. Michael and his family reside in Nashville where he serves as worship pastor for Gateway Church in the nearby community of Franklin, Tennessee.

"It’s really easy to get behind people who love Jesus and create amazing art. This family does both exceptionally. We are so looking forward to working with them.” - Michael Farren

Why we do what we do:

We love making music together, but for us the music is about something more: it is the means through which we share our message of hope and healing, particularly as it pertains to families. My wife and I know firsthand the difficulty that brokenness brings, and the amazing healing God has for those who trust Him.

It is our family's desire to see marriages strengthened and families restored, and in whatever way we can model that we hope we can make a difference. Whether is through our concerts, worship services, family events, or through our partnership with Compassion International our mission is the same: To Encourage the Broken and Strengthen Families for the Kingdom.

April 2019 Update

We are soooo excited! With the recent support for Things Unseen in the form of ministry partners and pre-orders we are now able to finish the recording process!!!
We will be meeting on May 1st with producer Michael Farren to finalize recording and mixing plans, as we continue to work toward - with your help - the finished product. There are more steps to be taken, but the first and biggest step is now complete and we're so thankful to be here!
Once recording is finished our next steps are mastering - which allows us to release digitally (iTunes, etc.) - then on to working toward the pressing, promotion, and release of the physical product!
We can't wait to get these songs out to you, to radio, and to the Church!
Thanks so much for all who have supported us thus far! And also to those who continue to come aboard!

March 2019 Update

Hey Gang,

I’ve been excited to hear an early mix of one of our new songs! There is still a little more tracking to finished, then mixing and mastering, but Things Unseenis getting closer to being released!

Michael Farren and the crew have done an amazing job helping us craft they lyrics and shape the sound of these songs. We have been so blessed to work with this talented team!

So the plan is to take the remaining budget in two separate chunks, the first one is $3,490 which will allow us to finish the remaining tracking, mix, master, and release the project digitally.

The remaining budget will cover the cost of pressings and releasing physical copies, publicity, and radio promotion!

We are so grateful for all those who have partnered with us to back this project and for and for those who are still coming alongside us to complete this work we have been called to do.

Bless you all.

PS - Enjoy these photos from the studio of Maggie recording vocals on Things Unseen, Tom recording vocals on Good News and the family with producer Michael Farren and engineer Chris Clayton after the first week of recording.

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Will You Say YES! And Join The FFB 140 Club? - March 2018 Update

In the last fifteen months I've been asked to say "yes" a lot. In November 2016 I said "yes" to jumping into a new recording project with both feet. While we've recorded in the past, this one honestly caught me by surprise. But, after being encouraged by those folks I trust to speak into our lives and ministry, and after twice Grammy Nominated and Multiple Dove Award Winning songwriter Michael Farren agreed to produce the project, everything was there....except the budget.

So, after much prayer and counsel we took the leap of faith. And a $30,000 recording budget seemed like a BIG leap of faith.

BUT THEN, there was this boy, well a rather nice young man, who asked for my daughter Kaylyn's hand in marriage. THEN, it became obvious we were being called to move to the Nashville area to pursue some new and expanded ministry opportunities. So we sold our Indiana home, bought our new home in Tennessee and made the move. THEN, after being in Tennessee for three weeks there came this other nice young man asking for my Maggie's hand.

What seemed like a huge "Yes" - a $30,000 recording budget with zero money in the coffers - turned out to honestly be the smallest of a series of Yeses!

Prior to the weddings and the move, we were able to raise nearly half our budget, and have seen some additional funding since. At the moment we are $14,237 away from completing our funding goal, which means we're 53 percent funded!

But now, with two new sons, with a new home, and new songs to sing, we are asking you to say "yes" too! You see, we believe in our new songs - each in their own way are about trusting God in those big leaps into the unknown, we believe in our ministry, in the team around us, and most importantly in our Savior. And while $14,000 still sounds like a lot of money, finding 140 friends and fans to say "yes" to partnering with us at the $100 level doesn't sound like a very big leap at all! And when you do you will get a Frye Family Band "Thank You Pack."

You can SAY YES right now scrolling down to the $100 level. You'll get some great rewards and help us get our music out in time for our summer touring season! So, here's to 140 "yeses" in six weeks! Will you say YES and join the FFB 140 Club?

Thanks for saying Yes!!
Tom and Family

February 20, 2018

Michael Farren (Producer) and Chris Clayton (Engineer) working on rhythm tracks for the FFB's upcoming new 2018 CD:

February 14, 2018

Thanks so much to our most recent $2,000 Backer! Their generous support pushed us over 50 percent funding!

While full funding seems a long way off it's not! It will only take 140 people to partner with us at the $100 level to reach our goal and see our project released before summer touring begins! Will you be one of our 140?

For that you'll receive some great backer rewards, our sincere appreciation, and the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to give us the tools to take our music and message of healing and hope to new people in new places!

Thanks for being one of our 140!

October 16

It's been six months, and an update is long overdue! Since April the Frye Family has: relocated to a new home just outside Nashville, TN, welcomed a new son-in-law, and still had time to do some touring this summer!

The touring gave us an opportunity to share most of the new songs from our Things Unseen project which were received very well.

With the time commitment it took to sell our Indiana home, buy our new one, decide what to part with and what to move then box it all up, a wedding, touring, etc., promoting our new project, meeting with prospective partners, and posting updates, was the obvious casualty. In spite of all this we did see some backers come in and had a great response pre-selling at our concerts which has brought us to near 50 percent funding.

We were encouraged by the feedback from our new songs. One example came early in the year when we received this message from someone who was having a particularly hard day due to major health issues, "...Then I noticed a melody floating through my brain and realized it was Things Unseen. I am reminded of God's sovereignty over my health questions. Thanks for your ministry!!"

Music and writing are the vehicles we have been given to minister to God's people. It's feedback such as this that helps affirm us in our call and compels us to finish our capital campaign and release our new project.

Our goal is to complete funding in time to have Things Unseen available available for spring touring.

Unfortunately, the battery did not outlast the song, but you can hear a sampling of one of the new songs "Full Moon" on Youtube.

Wednesday, April 19

I can see God's grace (God's fathering) through this whole project. This one is different on several levels, but the biggest one has nothing to do with the writing or recording it's about the songs.
In the past we wrote from a response of what God had been teaching us knowing we would likely record some of them. This time, not only were we writing based on not knowing if we would record again, but we were inspired to write based on what God was going to teach us now - in this season. The songs on this project are a call to trust when we cannot see.
A Martyrs Prayer - inspired by the story of a lady martyred by ISIS because she refused to renounce her faith in Jesus and the college students who were killed in the Umpqua Community College Shooting in 2015 for claiming the name of Jesus. Better Things, That's Good News & Full Moon - songs about living in the fullness of Christ in spite of our circumstances, and the title track Things Unseen - the chorus of which says; "I will trust though I cannot see this road ahead where You are leading me. My wandering heart looks to You my King. I fix my eyes on the things unseen. And the classic Harry Chapin cover Cat's in the Cradle, reminding us of the importance of family first!
Even though as I type out the descriptions of these songs they sound dark, they are really full of hope that even in those times in our lives when we're tempted to give us we need to press in to our Father.

Friday, February 10

Short update from producer Michael Farren.

Friday, February 10

Zane King (Compassion Int'l) and Tom discuss their partnership in taking the Gospel to the far corners of the world.

Monday, January 30

The FFBs Tom and Maggie Frye talk about their new recording project during the filming of a new promotional video

Friday, January 27

Filling out paperwork for the 2017 Compassion artists trip to Guatamala. So blessed to work with such a life changing organization!

Thursday, January 26

Jonathon and I had a ton of fun singing and sharing with the student body at Concordia Lutheran as part of their Lutheran Schools week celebration.

Wednesday, January 25

Jonathon and I met with 2017 Grammy nominee Michael Farren to talk about songs for our upcoming recording project. Honestly humbled and truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with him!

Tuesday, January 24

Today Jonathan and I attended a compassion international artist retreat in Nashville. It was great to hear from Shaun Groves and David - a former sponsored child from Kenya who has founded a ministry in Kenya to mentor boys without fathers. A great reminder of the Kingdom Ripple child sponsorship can create!


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